Carburator or Carburator Rebuilding Kit


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Carburator or Carburator Rebuilding Kit

I have a 1984 MTD Snowblower 5HP

Model number: 315E611D352
Serial Number: 1H264B80352

Where can I geta carburator or rebuilding kit.
Thanks, Ken
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We really need the Engine Mfg, Type, Code etc/ usually found on the engine shroud just above the spark plug. And to use a few Probablys, you probably have a Tec. engine and you probably don't need a new carb and you probably don't need a new kit and you probably just need to clean the bowl nut(main jet), 2holes at the bottom and another mid way up, use the wire from a twist tie, and you can then go blow snow. Have a good one. Geo
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Geo is right, it is a Tecumseh, go here:
enter mod and ser #'s to access the engine manual and manual for your unit.
Find the spec#, right after the model #, on your engine and enter here:
and get breakdown on the engine.
Geo probably has a favorite place to order parts from, I have a good local small engine repair shop I can get anything from.
hope this helps,

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If you plan to tear the carb down, get a good can of carb cleaner and clean the carb, particularily in all of the orifices. I just rebuilt my carb with a new kit today. I used a carb dip ( $20 for a 1 gallon can you immerse the parts in ) and let the two halves of the carb -stripped down, sit overnight, then blew it out with compressed air. Put the carb rebuild kit in, adjusted both idle and high speed circuits 1 1/2 turns and installed it an hour ago. Fired up on the second pull ( carb probably hadn't filled with gas yet on the first pull though it did "pop" ). High speed needed another half turn and I'm good to go.

I think the most important thing that I did was replace the high speed needle and the float bowl pintle. My needle was deformed and the carb was leaking fuel originally.

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