Tecumseh carb problem...


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Tecumseh carb problem...

HM80-155283K 5203D 8hp Tecumseh. Carb leaks gas from vent on top of carb when fuel valve is turned on. I reset the float height but it still persists.. I rebuilt this carb a few months ago and just the other day soaked it since I didnt do it before. I cannot find a parts list for this carburetor but I have a feeling there is supposed to be an o-ring in the bore the needle sits in. I tried two different Tecumseh needles with the same result - it wont shut off the flow of fuel when the float is all the way up. (I verified this with the bowl off and pushing the float up). Is there supposed to be an o-ring or rubber seal in the top of the needle's bore? If so, can it be purchased seperately or do I have to get another carb kit? Many thanks in advance. I need to get this baby running again as I have 2 and 3' drifts in the driveway..
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If you've soaked the carb for any length of time w/o removing seat, then the seat will be no good. Your engine has Tec Carb # 632334, full kit is # 632240, $10 +-, needle clip, needle, and seat sold separately is # 631021, $6 +-.
Click on Tecumseh logo at:
and follow your engine description to find parts list for your model.
hope this helps,
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yes there is a small "o-ring" for the seat. If you have compressed air, the easy way to remove the old seat is to blow it out thru the gas inlet. Install the new one groove side down. Also, while you have it apart, check the float. Hold it to your ear & shake it. These floats are notorious for tiny microscopic pinholes that fill the floats with gas and turn them into sinkers.
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I already checked the float - it does float. the o-ring seat got blown out and lost when I blew the carb out after cleaning. I went and got the needle and seat and it should work fine now.

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