Craftsman Snowblower model #536.882500


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Craftsman Snowblower model #536.882500

I have an older model Sears Craftsman snowblower, model #536.882500, about 20 years but light to moderately used, and I'm having problems with propelling the blower through the snow, when it's is cold and the snow is down after awhile it just won't move , I have to push and pull it, I adjusted and changed the belt, pulled the drive cable and lifted up on the lever manually and it still won't go, but when there is no snow and it is clear it will pull me and has real good pulling power, also I looked into the manual to see if the machine has a friction disc, but it does not show or mention it ...can someone help me with this problem, or is it time to get rid of it.....
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You do not have a friction disc on your snowblower. Yours uses a Peerless transmission. Sears #143.794. You can see a breakdown of it at
Enter 143.794 to see the transmission. You can also enter the 536 number of your snowblower.
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sears craftsmsn snowblower

Thanks indy500,

I got one question to this inquiry answered, "I don't have a friction disc",...what can i do to get the forward and reverse drive power back in this snowblower, belts, pulley adjustment, what? get thru, moderately size drifts and driveway apron snow...
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Craftsman snowblower model # 536.918200


Got a quick question, Anyone know how to fix the pull start on this snowblower?? First snow of the season and the cord breaks off on the first pull. I don't really need to spend a fortune to fix this. Is it easily done on my own??? HELP!!!


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