Chainsaw brands


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Chainsaw brands

Hi everyone
I need a new chain saw and am debating between echo and stihl. Moderate to heavy use 5 to 10 hrs per week cutting small to medium sized trees. 14-16 " bar etc. Ive' owned a couple cheapies in the past and it seems like I work on them more than use them.
Any advice would be greatly apprecited
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Hi J

Gotta weigh in on this. From knowing a guy who did it for a semi-living. He had several saws, depending on use. His felling and cutting saws were both stihls, his small limbing saw was an echo. He told me for power and pretty heavy usage, nothing but a stihl. For the limbing and trimming, which is relatively light work, he wanted lightness and small size.

Granted, we only lived about 20 miles from the stihl factory in VA, so maybe that influenced the decisions, due to availability of service and parts.

My $.02

Best in 2008
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Maybe I'll go with the echo I have lots of work but none of it very heavy.
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I've got a Stihl and it works great. Always starts, fairly light weight.
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You won't go wrong with either brand. If you don't have a local service and parts shop for one (versus the other), however, you should go for the brand for which you have a local go-to guy.

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