Murray with Tecumseh Enduro 16.5hp CARB FLOODING - HELP PLEASE!


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Smile Murray with Tecumseh Enduro 16.5hp CARB FLOODING - HELP PLEASE!

Hi to everyone on the forum. I just accuired a Murray riding mower with a Tecumseh 16.5hp Enduro engine. The problem seems to be that the carb is just flooding and leaking gas everywhere when engine is not running. It has been sitting awhile I think so my question is "Do you think it just needs to have a carb. cleaned out or should I just kit it anyways? Or replace? .....will that fix my problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

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What you do for carburetor service depends on the condition of the carburetor. At a minimum, you need to replace the inlet needle & seat and have a close inspection of the float for any possible fuel in such. If you don't have an intimate knowledge of carburetors you should elect to have it looked at by a professional. If you know how to post pictures of the carburetor here, in this thread, then do that and also post the engine ID numbers. Be sure to remove the fuel bowl and snap some shots of this area and inside the venturi of the carb so we can advise you better.
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Question Thanks....I will do that this am.

Thanks puey61 for your input. I will get that info for youthis am and post it here for some more input. I can work on this carb just little experience with these as I am a mechanic by trade. Again I appriecate all your help. I am posting this pic to see if I am doing it correctly so you can view it. My engine is like the one I have pictured with the exception it is 16.5 hp NOT a 18hp I have a link to I do have a question now. Can you advise how to post a pic that I have on my camera? It seems that I can only link to one on the web. any tips would be very helpful. Thanks again.

This is what I have been trying with no luck. --->[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Kooldaddyo\Desktop\tecOHV155-204508-top[IMG]

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Post Engine and carb info.

Here's the info. you asked for puey, I hope this helps. I took pictures of it but can't seem to get them posted.

Engine model:

Tecumseh Enduro 16.5hp OHV
OHV165 204407B [H]
D.O.M. 5319 S
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You can go to and join(free), then upload pictures to there then just post the link to the picture here, it's pretty simple after you have done it a couple times. Have a good one. Geo
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Thumbs up Kool Thanks Geo

Ok here's a link to the pix.

1. Carb:

2. Engine I.D. Tag:

3. Top of Engine:

4: Engine Lable:

Hope this helps. Thanks again.


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Cool Do the pix help at all?

I installed a fuel shut-off today to get the mess under control. I was told by my local small engine guy the kit would cost $26.?? and a new carb for that engine was $130.00 WOW! and he thinks it's just the needle and seat. Any input from the forum?

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I'm sure if you get a carb kit with a float, you wont have to spend 130.00 on a new carb. Recondition the old carb with a kit & float & it'll be like new again!!!
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I agree, replace the needle, seat, and float and you should be set.
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Thumbs up Thanks

Sounds good....Thanks for the input guys. I am going tomorrow to get the parts to "GIT'ERRR DONE"!!! I removed the carb today and gave it a thorough cleaning as it was in dire need. It has appearently been sitting for awhile. Will let you knpw how it goes. Thanks again!

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Be sure when you clean your carb you SOAK it in a bath-type cleaner. As stated many times before spray cleaners only get the surface gunk off.. the stuff stuck inside a gunked up carb wont budge unless soaked. Napa 6402 or Gunk carb/parts cleaner are the two favored products here.

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