Toro CCR2000 Snowblower Ignition Problems


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Toro CCR2000 Snowblower Ignition Problems

I have a Toro CCR2000 2-cycle snowblower with a spark problem. I have tested for spark using a timing light with the plug grounded, outside the hole. Good spark observed. However, upon inserting the plug and rechecking for spark, there is no spark at all. I have repeated this process several times. With the plug just grounded to the frame, good spark. With the plug inserted, no spark at all.

I repeated testing as above again using a new NGK spark plug, cleaning coil mounting contact points, bypassing cutoff switch without the fuel tank installed. The results were the same.

Any ideas on what tests to do or procedure to use in isolating the problem would be much appreciated, as this is baffling to me.
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I'd guess that the spark is weak and the difference of rpm during cranking caused by the compression with the plug installed is causing the spark to fail. Check spark with a plug in the hole and another in the plug wire and see if you still get spark. If you do, then either the plug wire is shorting on something when it is attatched to the plug in the hole, or there is indeed spark after all, and your method of checking is in doubt.
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The best method is an inline air gap tester. This tests the ign system under the load of comprassion & starting R.P.M. About $6.00 @ most auto parts places.
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What is your model number, 38XXX and serial first two digits? A lot of these were Suzuki engines and are starting to have ignition module problems. The external modules run about $80, but can be replaced with a points eliminator module about $15. With the model numbers, I can tell you where your unit is with engine and module. The later Suzuki had a built in module in the coil.
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Toro CCR2000 Model

I apologize for the tardy response to your help. Just had very little luck with identifying the problem. Still really like the power of this machine. The model number for mine is 38186. Very interested in where to find the $15 module. This machine seems to be very difficult to obtain parts in Canada.
By the way, will the later coils with built in module work on the Suzuki CCR2000? If so, can you supply part number?

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Toro CCR2000 Snowblower Ignition Problems

Hopkinsr2, what is a inline air gap tester? What does it look like and where to buy?
I have several inline spark testers, but not sure what you are referring too.
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Here's a used ignition module.

Toro Suzuki ing Coil CCR2000 | eBay

The spark tester you're talking about is usually available through auto parts stores. It simply has an air gap similar to the spark plug gap, inline for the spark to jump across. You have a little window to see the spark.
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I've had similar issues with both of my Toro's ccr2000.
Same issues you describe.

My only solution was to make sure plug was properly gapped,and clean, which in many cases didn't help. My solution was just put in a new spark plug.
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New Test

Checked for spark using one in the hole and another new plug on the wire grounded to the head. No spark or intermittent spark.
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Make sure you have the kill wire disconnected to make a coil/ignition module test. That eliminates the kill circuit from the equation. If you have done that and still no spark = bad coil. On engines with points and condenser you have another set of potential problems.

The manufacture of that model is shown as 1989 through 1996, I believe. Modules came in around '86. Are you sure you have an ignition with points?

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