suzuki se2500 generator problems


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Smile suzuki se2500 generator problems

hi all i have just joinedto see if i can get some help on this gennie i started this gennie on site of purchase it started in 2/3 pulls i then checked dc current flow thats ok i pluged a 2000 watt blower vac & ran it for 2 minutes it then coughed & spluttered as if it ran out of fuel i cleaned fuel filter added more fuel & could not get it goin so at a negoteatrd price i bought i went home pulled the carby down & cleaned it thougherly put it back together still no start replaced correct spark plug (heaps of spark) so i used some start ya basterd still no joy i then pulled the head off, valve,s seating well cleaned carbon & replaced head still no start
now im stuffed i even cheched the timing stator & gave it a brush:
could it be a compasitor or electrical fault?? i really dont know can some one help me please
thanks birdiex5
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SUZUKI 2500 generator


I have an SE 2500 generator and need to replace some parts, specifically gastkets and screws. I have the original service manual (part #99500-90301-01E) however it shows no part numbers and nowhere to order any of the above...!

Do you have additional information that you could share in order for me to obtain those parts?

Thank you.

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