Correct oil level for 10hp Tecumseh engine???


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Correct oil level for 10hp Tecumseh engine???

When checking the crank case oil level on my SnowFlite 10/28 snowblower should the dip stick be screwed down tight or not ?

I 've always screwed it down to check the level, but then again I always slightly over fill it it(very slightly). I use Mobile 1 synthetic 10/30.

With the dip stick set in the filler hole and not tightened in would allow for significantly more oil in there I would imagine!?

Going through the posts here the other day and came across someone who talked about this very subject. They said "You never tighten it in when checking the level" Although he never specified which type or if it applied to ALL types of small engines, which I'm assuming.

If so.. Then I've been doing it wrong for alot of years to all my lawnmowers and my snowblower.

So if someone could set the record straight with me once and for all it would be appreciated.

Thanks Wayne.

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On Tecumseh engines, you screw the cap in tight. Honda engines say not to screw in the cap.

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