Removing pulley/ ol' 16hp B&S engine.


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Removing pulley/ ol' 16hp B&S engine.

Hi I'm trying to remove the cover off the front of the engine (horizontal shaft) but can't get the double pulley off. I think it's called the flywheel cover. I need to access the points and also want to paint it.

Are there any tricks/tips on doing this, I presently own a steering wheel puller, can it help or do I need a pulley puller.

Here some hist..

I'm restoring a old lawn tractor this winter. A old 1975 Columbia with a single piston 16hp B&S. Presently it's completely dismantled in my basement and shed, don't have a garage and it wont completely fit in the basement Just the sub frame and engine in the shed everything else in the basement.

Nothing wrong with the tractor 16hp B&S running strong, no oil consumption and good compression. Only need to rebuild the clutch and generator. No stamped out light gauge metal on this old girl. No starter either, just a generator.

B&S 326431 0136-01 7502071
Columbia ??? can't find anything on the tractor or the internet for that matter, other than it's made by MTD.

(edit; or should I say...)
I appreciate any help getting the pulley off so I can get at and remove the flywheel cover and...
Have a Happy New year!

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You can get a parts break down here:

It may help some. It does show a steering wheel type puller to pull the flywheel.
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Hi again folks and thanks for the info Indypower.

I have a puller like the one pictured on parts break down page for this engine and will use it to pull the 'fan booster(flywheel)' once I get to it. You see there is another double pulley on in front of that with no extra bolt holes to attach a puller!?

How the heck do you get it off!? Some heat maybe? Definitely don't want to beating on it with a hammer!?

Any help still appreciated.
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Your other option if there are no bolt holes in the pulley is to remove the set-screw and use a 3-jaw puller. Most often this is what I've had to use to remove stubborn objects off rusty shafts. Also, what may assist in the removal is using a shot of PB Breaker. This stuff is a miracle in a can. I usually shoot some PB Breaker on the part I'm pulling off and let it set for an hour or so.. I swear by the stuff as it almost always does the trick. Usually you can rent a 3-jaw puller for less than $10 a day from a rental yard.

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