My '05 Craftsman 8hp 27" snowblower won't start


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My '05 Craftsman 8hp 27" snowblower won't start

I was finishing snowblowing my D/W last night, and wiping the snow off the machine. I accidently hit the kill switch, and the thing shut off, as it should, but it wouldn't restart. I thought it might have been flooded, so I let it sit overnight(since I was done with it, and it was 2am). This morning it still won't run. It is acting like there is no spark, as it usually starts with one pull. I plugged in the electric start cable, and can crank it forever without even a sputter. I tried the usual routine of priming-choking-& cranking, without even a slight sign of life. No, I don't even know where the spark plug is on this darn thing, as it has the tank on top, and plates.... I'm not the most mechanically adept person either, but can follow directions if spelled out well. The model # is 536.881800, and the manufactured date is 8/23/04 if this helps. Please help, as I live in Maine, it's early January, and the only person that can service this thing charges $75 to pick up, and he said that he can't even look at it for 3 weeks. I will be up to my butt(or deeper) with new snow by then. Thanks for the assistance.
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Can you tell me/us what kind of engine is on this machine? It's most likely either a Honda, Briggs & Stratton, or a Tecumseh. Once you find this out, try to find out what the model and serial number of the engine is. Hondas have the model/serial on the side of the crankcase opposite side of the muffler. Briggs has the numbers stamped on either the valve cover (says OHV on it), on the guard by the muffler, or on the shroud by the pull-starter. Tecumseh is usually right on the top of the pull-starter shroud as well. My guess is there is water in the spark plug boot and is grounding the spark out. If you can't find the information I asked for, try to snap a picture and post it and we can probably help you that way as well.
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I Googled your snowblower. It has an 8.0 hp Briggs & Stratton OHV. Let me look thru my books.
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You may have hit more than just the kill switch, for good measure make sure that the fuel shut-off valve is open and the spark plug cable still connected to the plug.
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He figured the problem out. He PMed me about it because of problems he was having with the forum.. I believe he found the problem to be a broken spark plug or spark plug boot when he brushed snow off the top of the machine. He now has it fixed and working as far as I know.

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