chainsaw help


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chainsaw help

i need help i have a stihl chainsaw i cut wood wit it for 15-30 min then it bogs down and shuts off. i open the gas cap and presurized gas come out. i take out the spark plug crank it a few times to make sure the cylnder is not flooded but even when i put everything back together it still wont start till i let it sit bout an hr then it will start and run for 15-30 min then it does it all over again. if anyone has any ideas on what might fix my problem i would realy aprecate it.
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sounds like you have a plugged gas cap vent. try taking off the gas cap and cleaning & blowing it out with compressed air.
Or, you could just buy a new gas cap. Me thinks the sawdust may have plugged the cap.
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stihl chainsaw

I have a stihl commercial hedge trimmer that does the same thing, somebody mentioned something about engine kind of choking and not breathing properly due to bad camshaft ?sorry can't remember for sure, you should also check your muffler for carbon build up.
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Check for spark when it dies. It could have a bad coil.

2-strokes don't have camshafts
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chain saw

i had a saw do this once...i was cutting a big old oak log..saw was getting a little dull but i kept going....fine sawdust plugged the screen around the flywheel..the fins could not move air over the saw to cool it....the motor created enough heat that the gas in the tank would boil or the carb would boil and cause an air lock...motor shuts down does not restart untill everything cooled down.
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I agree with Cheese on the coil possibly going bad. Run it until it quits and check it for spark right away. No spark then replace the coil.
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thank yall very much i neva thought to check to make sure the fan wasnt cloged i will have to check and see if thats it. i am gettin good spark so that might be the problem thank you again
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I know its apples to oranges but the outcome is the same. I have an S-10 with a 350 v8 and it would boil the gas in the carburetor and make restarting the engine a real PITA when its really hot. (thats what I get for shoehorning a big engine in a little truck) I would definitely look at cleaning the engine housing out of wood chips and dust, AND the gas cap.
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ok guys got new problem i cleaned everything up and now the saw will run for bout 20 mins and shut down and wont restart but if its cold out like yesterday was in ky below 32 it will run for about 45 mins and start to bog down any ideas on this problem?
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My bet is like cheese and Camino Kid has already said.The ignition coil is bad and is in need of replacement.That is the tell tall sign of an eletronic ignition modual going bad.Next time the saw stops running check the spark.

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