Snapper pulley removal


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Snapper pulley removal

I have an older Snapper riding mower that the motor seized on. It was an 8 HP Briggs and I have a replacement engine but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the old pulley off. There was a bolt and set screw that I removed but it still will not budge. I don't want to pry on the pully because it appears to be aluminum and I don't want to do any more damage. Am I missing something else that should have been loosened? Or is there some other suggestions as to how I can get this thing off.
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There are generally TWO setscrews, one right above the other, on the engine side of the pulley. Remove both of them and it should come off, possibly requiring some persuasion. If it still does not want to come off, go ahead and remove the engine (the hole in the mower frame is big enough for the pulley to come out with the engine) and get it in the open where you can work on it more easily.

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