Huskee 18.5 hp 42" deck burning smell


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Question Huskee 18.5 hp 42" deck burning smell

When I put my mower in drive, and engage it in high speed, it kicks back to a lower speed. If I try to manually keep it in high speed there is a burning smell like the clutch. It also runs rough. The belts are fine. Does the mower take oil in the rear axel? I found a resovoir in the rear axel, but i cannot find any way to access/fill it. It looks like it has an allen wrench cap, but I cannot open it. Is it supposed to be removed? What is this for?
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Without knowing what exact machine you have, I'd guess a bearing is going bad somewhere. How old is the machine? What is the model number of the machine? Do you get smoke? Does the burning smell smell like rubber?
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Echoing Legal's request, if you give us the model number of your unit, we can find all the particulars about it and will be better able to help you.

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