Pull starter tecumseh


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Pull starter tecumseh

Hi been reading but never registered lots of help available and Thank you for the past info I read.
I have a old John deere snowblower with a 7 hp Tecumseh engine. I got this from a neighbor a while ago. Never used the pull stater it wouldn't start the rope was loose I would get some compression but it wouldn't engage, it has electric start. I took apart the pull starter and when I did there is like a flat piece of metal with a rounded end that came off it looks like it would fit under a small spring. I tightened the wound up so the rope staps back into place. My ? is how does that metal piece fit in there? I put it back the way I thought it went but only got a couple of starts and then the rope was loose again took it apart and that flat metal piece was off. Sorry such a long note.
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You can go here:
You can also buy the Tecumseh repair manuals on line, too.
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Poppy, to answer your question, the starter pulley is worn and allowing the pawl to drop out. In other words, the "socket" where the pawl sits is stretched out and won't hold the pawl in place any longer. You'll need to replace the pulley. Your local Tecumseh dealer can help you out with whatever parts you may need. Along with the needed parts take the engine's model and specification to your dealer in order to get the correct parts.
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Hi Thanks , I tried it again and it did the same. So I guess it is off to the dealer. I knew I would get answers here.
Thanks again to my 2 answers.

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