Toro snowblower,belt replacement


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Toro snowblower,belt replacement

I need to change both belts on a older Toro snowblower.Can anyone steer me in the right direction,before I start.I do not have the manual that came with it.
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I'm not too familiar with the Toro machines, we never had a dealer in this area, But the guys that know will be here soon. Till then, run & get the model & serial numbers from the machine, as well as the engine numbers so they can tell what you have. Without they can't tell if it's a single stage, 2 stroke, 2 stage 4 stroke, etc. Help them & I know they will help you!!!! Good Luck, Roger
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Whereas you said belts I am going to assume it is a older 2 stage, 4 cycle. You will have to remove the plastic belt cover (2 bolts) and the bottom cover (4 bolts). There will be some belt fingers attached to the block you may have to loosen and swing out of way. The auger belt is basically loose when disengaged so it is the easier of the 2. When it is disengaged there is a brake that will be against the belt. You will have to engage the lever to take the brake off both taking old belt off and putting new belt on. The drive belt will be tight by a spring operated pulley against it. You will have to open this up to get belt off and on. You can do most from the top but on the older Toro's it can be tight getting belts between pulleys and you may have to stand machine on the augers with the bottom open to either push belt up or pull down. A trick on the drive belt get it started off the pulley on the carb side and pull starter rope. This will turn pulley and guide belt off. When installing start the belt on the carb side and pull starter rope and it will guide belt on.
Not much to it once you open it up and assess.
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As is with many snowblowers and was with the last Toro I did, you will have to "split" the auger bucket from the tractor section. I know this sounds like a chore, but it is much easier and quicker to do it this way. Usually you only have to take out the top 2 side bolts and just loosen the lower 2 just enough to pivot. This makes it so much easier and gives you more room to get at the belts. And you do have to hold the brake off the pulley to change the belt.

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