ECHO chainsaw 4400 (help)


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ECHO chainsaw 4400 (help)

I created my own problem, I poured oil in my gas tank and gas mix in my oil tank. I washed both tanks out with gas but still can not get it to run. I can keep it running with starter fluid but not fuel mix. Allso when I took the top off to clean the carb I found a small filter and hose not connected to nothing. I think it hooks to to fuel tank to let off presure. I can't find where it goes and it's only about 3" long.


Thanks, obee
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I've not worked on Echo saws (wish I had one) but on the trimmers the short line with the 'filter' is actually the fuel tank vent, it doesn't hook to anything or go anywhere but to the tank.
I would suggest replacing the fuel filter with a new one. as the old one may be clogged with oil. The carb may be OK as unlikely oil could be drawn thru fuel filter.
If it's not running except on the starting fluid charge, it's probably not getting fuel from the tank.
Let us know,
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there may be a vent hose but it should have a small plastic check valve on the end that looks like a fuel filter with only one fitting. you probably have oil in the fuel filter and carb. change the filter and check the carb for oil as well.
anyone that tells you the've never done that is either lying or just hasn't run a saw long enough.
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You were right about the tank vent, I got it hooked back up. However it still won't fire on the gas mix. I am going to change the fuel filter today. I thought the gas mix would delute the oil and wash it out, guess not.



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