log splitter problem


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log splitter problem

hi guys , been a long time , my electric log splitter his giving me fits. i ran it for a couple years with a 2 hp. moter , 1740 rpms . well it didnt seem to have the second stage of my 11 gpm pump working , but i put up with it . then it started kinda , jumping , lik e the pump is failing , but only on a load , like when the second stage is suposed to kick in , it jumps . kinda like thump, thump , thump . till i let up on the lever , well i finaly got tired of it and put a faster motor on it , thinking the 1740 rpm wasnt turning the pump fast enough to make it use the second stage . i put a 6.5 hp motor on it at 3450 rpms , well it seems to do the same thing , jumping when it gets on a hard push .the fluid resivore is full. di i ruin my pump?? thanks , hoot
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Has it always done this? I'm not a hydraulics pro, but hydraulics are pretty simple in most cases. Can you extend the ram the full length? Could be that the second stage section is frozen in place, and the pressure relief is what is making the "thump".

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