MTD snowblower auger squeals,


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MTD snowblower auger squeals,

I'm a dummy I guess. Just finishing up the final bit of snow , got to close to the truck and hit the trailer ball. ( just barely , but enough) to make it squeal and stall. Restarted fine , but awful squealing noise. Sheerpins appear to be ok. Read the manual but no suggestions there, only info is it is designed to break sheer pins if foreign object is hit. 8 hp mtd 24". Best and worst scenarios appreciated. thanks,
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I am assuming squeeling is only when you engage augers? You may have damaged auger bushings/bearings on side of bucket, may have bent auger and it is scraping against bucket (best case scenario), or you may have have damaged worm gear inside of gear box (worst case scenario) That would be more of a grinding than a squeeling. Post the model # and year of the machine
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Well I have MTD 10/28 struck a big peice of frozen wood today and bent one of the blades/fins on the 2nd stage impeller.

Made a bad squeal after that and had a heck of a time to re-straighten it, but managed too.

Darn dog always chewing wood and we got 40cm of snow last night.
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Fixed !

Thanks for concerns. After kicking the tires and scratching my head., the problem was a stone lodged in the impeller. Stone removed , all is well. Bring on the snow. ( right )!

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