Honda Generator wont crank. Is there a short?


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Honda Generator wont crank. Is there a short?

We have a Honda ES6500 generator. We use it as a backup generator for the house so it doesn't get much use. When I remember, a few times a year I take it out to start it. Usually by then the battery is dead and I use my car to jump start.

This latest time I tried to start it, it wouldn't even crank. Eventually I figured out that the fuse had gone. I put the battery on the charger for a while (a few hours), and about a week later, replaced the fuse. It still didn't crank at all. I tried to jump start again. nothing. and the new fuse was blown.

Again I replaced the fuse. I tried to put the charger on the battery and the Amp meter pegged all the way to the right. I quickly unplugged the charger.

I took off the battery and set up the charger, looks like it is now charging normally.

I used a multi-tester connected to the positive and negative leads on the generator and it showed zero ohms, this with the key in the off position. My knowledge of engine electronics is pretty slim but this doesn't seem right. I looked around the wiring that I could see but don't see anything obvious. Any suggestions?

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Yes...there does seem to appear that there is a short somewhere.
The only bit of info that I can give thow is to go to this website and download the service manual to your generator in it you'll find a wiring diaphrarm.


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