Stihl pole hedge trimmer


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Stihl pole hedge trimmer

The plug wire has become disconnected from the plug cap on my stihl pole hedge trimmer. Anybody have info on how to fix or is a whole new part required? The trimmer is model HL 100.

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I'm not real familliar with that machine, But I think the cap should just screw into the plug wire, It has a threaded pintle in the cap & a copper core wire, Correct???? Let us know, Roger
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You are simply trying to get the metal cap to make contact with the small core in your spark plug wire. If you can do that with what you have...Great. If Not, you can also pickup a metal spark plug end cap from any automotive shop. Generally they are only a quarter or so. Take your rubber boot and spray it real well with WD-40 and slide it back onto the coil wire far enough so you can work with the end of your wire. The metal end cap simply crimps onto the end of your wire and you then carefully slide the Boot back over the metal end cap. Many people prefer the spring-type connector instead of this type end cap. The spring type seldom looses it's shape and all you need do is stick the pointed end into your wire at a 90 degree angle so when you insert it it makes contact with the wire core and it turns down and the spring portion lines up with your wire so you can slide the boot back over it. Doesn't really matter I just find the metal cap a bit easier to work with. If I've mislead you in anyway someone will correct me but I think your safe with these instructions. Sure is cheaper than replacing the whole coil. Good Luck, Ron
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Inside the boot is a coiled spring looking thing, spray some lube up in the boot and work it out with a pair of needlenose pliers. Try not to distort it too much. toward the end of the plug wire, is a hole in the insulation, stick the sharp
l shaped end of the spring in that hole, and while gripping the wire/spring with the pliers, work it back into the boot.

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Thanks for the replies

I will do as you suggest. I love the trimmer, but I must say, stihl equipment can be difficult to start and the parts are very expensive. I'm hoping to get by without having to go to the dealer.
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Hard to start? You may have a problem if it's hard to start. Stihl is one of the best, and usually a stihl will start when the rest of 'em won't.

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