dc motor for treadmill


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dc motor for treadmill

after programming my treadmill when I step on it the motor dies right down. I replaced the controller for the unit and I still have the same problem. Please help! Thanks, Len
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This doesn't exactly fall under the outdoor power equip. heading, but I'm not sure which forum would be best suited for this question. Probably electrical or appliances.

I would say that if the motor turns the belt just fine with no load, and stalls under load, but will run again when you get back off, then the motor itself is most likely the fault.
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A rather delicate subject to bring up, but maybe you are larger than the machine can handle? It came to mind as I am 6'-3" and until last year weighed on the dark side of 300 pounds (now 265, still larger than most stuff is designed for)
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Cheese and bonti, Thanks for the responses. Weight is not and issue. It is my wife's tred and she used it before and she is around onefifty. I had the motor checked and is was a little questionable but the repair motor man didn't think it would have caused the problem. He said it might be a little weak under load but should run. Thanks Len
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maybe its not the motor but the belt slipping. do you smell anything like burning rubber
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Thanks for the response, but no rubber burning. The machine will stop. It has to be reprogramed to start and then under a load it will stop again. Len
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dc motor for treadmill

Sounds like a bad piece of equipment and/or motor.

I assume you have a dc motor since that was in the header question.

your check of the motor came up "questionable". You are relying on someone else's opinion.

I would think you have a total problem with the machine. The dc motors are not cheap, so you can not afford to play around with guesses.

Take it back and exchange for a different piece of equipment.


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