snow blower belts


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snow blower belts

looking for advice on how to replace auger belt on my craftsman snowblower.

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Post your model # so we can take a look at what you have. Regardless most are as follows. Remove chute crank from brackett on auger, usually 1/2 inch nut. Remove belt cover, usually 2, 3/8 nuts. There should be 2 bolts, 1 each side close to cover bolts. 1/2 inch or 9/16. Then 2 more down near the bottom. Loosen the 2 at the bottom, you do not need to remove. Remove the top 2 and bucket will break away from auger giving you access to belts. Auger belt is loose so it is easier of the 2. There will be a "brake' applying pressure to the belt you will have to squeeze auger handle to release this to get old belt off and new one on. I prefer to tip machine back on handle bars the when machine splits it pivots easier.

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