Briggs Snowblower won't start !!!


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Briggs Snowblower won't start !!!


Make: 1978 Mastercraft snowblower with briggs motor
Model: 190412
Type: 0991-01

Having a hard time starting and keeping it running. My problems are exactly like "Sensfan's" I've gone through everything he has. I'm interested in the points and condensor tips. My question is how is the flywheel removed ? Do I need a puller ? Please help

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It could be to your advantage to leave the flywheel in place and install a Briggs Magnetron ignition module part# 394970 right on your existing coil.

Just cut the kill lead wire if equipped as far back behind the flywheel as possible then hook it to the Magnetron and leave the points in place.
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Could you describe exactly what your machine is doing and what you have done in this thread rather than refering to another. It is a bit confusing to help that way.
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Sorry for referencing another post.
I'll start from the beginning
The snowblower starts for a few seconds then quits
The state of the choke can be full, half or off with the same effect. There's gas in the bowl, the float's setup correctly, both main and idle jets are set at 1 1/2 turns out, there's spark with a new plug. The plug is damp but not soaked as I would expect with many, several pulls.

The snowblower has run fine for years. The only change point I can think of before this issue is that I ran a 1/2 tank of 2 stroke mixture (50:1 amsoil) in it because I was desperate one day. Since then I've cleaned the carb. Also, I got caught and it sat outside in the first snowstorm of the year.

Any help would be appreciated

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I agree with 31YTech, forget the points and install the electronic ignition if it hasn't already been done in the past.

If your engine has points, they could be the problem. Could be moisture under the points cover. Will it start right back up after it dies? Is the spark nice and blue or is it orange?
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Yes, it starts for seconds right after. The spark color is blue

Thanks for your tips, I'll order an ignition


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