Any help on an electrical system


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Any help on an electrical system

I have a machine - a ditchwitch 255sx with an Onan engine on it. My problem is with the ignition system. When I turn the key in the ignition the first position shows that all the gages are working, and the battery has a charge. When I turn it to the second position nothing happens, the engine does not even turn over. I have changed the ignition switch with no improvement. Could it be the starter motor which is blown. Before the machine died - I was able to start it but it sounded as though it was running very rough - I figured it was because it had not been started for a couple of months - after 20 or 30 seconds I turned it off because it was not getting better. There is a chance that the starter was stuck. Any information you could give me would be great.

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Well, for starters (no pun intended) you could look the starter over and see if the gear is all chewed up and that the drive is turning properly. If it looks fine, you should be able to take the starter to an auto parts store and have them test it. It may only be a bad solenoid causing the problem. If you don't hear a click or anything when you turn the key I'd assume the solenoid is at fault.
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Check for voltage at the starter on the smallest wire with the switch in the start position. This will tell you if it is the starter or a safety switch/fuse or wire harness problem somewhere keeping it from making any noise (starting) now. I'm not familiar with a model 255, We have a 1030,1230,1820,older 2300 and 3500.

Good Luck
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Onan is one of those engines where the engine harness has a rectangler plug where the panel harness plugs to. This connector is know to either back out a connector or more like have one corrode bad enough where the resistance is too much and the solnoid will not engage. Take a jumper wire directly from the positive post on the battery and touch the small purple wire on the small solnoid post. If the starter clicks in then follow the wire back to the harness connector and look for a corroded connector. If the starter doesnot engage then look at the starter. Also make sure you have good clean posts on the battery to the battery cables.
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