9 hp Tecumseh Only Runs Few Seconds


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9 hp Tecumseh Only Runs Few Seconds

Apologies if I'm repeating a question or posting incorrectly.

I have a 1-year old Ariens 9 hp snow thrower that starts easily, but only runs 5-10 seconds. Once it is started and subsequently dies, it will not start for several minutes. Also, once it starts (and dies), I hear a 'hiss' of air when I press the primer bulb and sometimes gas will drip from the carburetor.

The engine ran fine when it was new last year, and I did add Stabil to the gasoline. The engine model is LH318SA and is NOT on the Tecumseh recall list.

Any information would certainly be appreciated! Thanks!

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It should be under warranty. A trip to the dealer is in order.
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Thanks Daswede. Unfortunately, I live in a semi-rural area and ordered the snow thrower from an online web site and had it shipped. I'll check with the firm I ordered from, but I'm not holding my breath. I may just have to pay Sears mobile service to drive out and fix it.
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You might try your local authorized Tecumseh servicing dealer for warranty. However, if problem is something you've inadvertently caused, they probably won't fix it free.
Might be worth a try.
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If you want to fix it yourself, pull the bolt from the bottom of the carb & clean all the holes. If you look around this site, geogrubb has a link to a pic of the holes you may not even see. I'm thinking this may get you going, or you may need to soak the carb to clean everything. Let us know, Roger
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Here is the link hopkinsr was refering to. Habe a good one. Geo

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