Stihl FS80 sputters, quits when hot


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Stihl FS80 sputters, quits when hot

Hi All,

I got some great suggestions on this forum last year to get this Stihl running (much appreciated), now could use some suggestions for spring.

Stihl FS80 now starts and runs like a scalded dog when cold, but once it gets hot (+-10 minutes of use) it sputters under throttle, eventually cuts out, and then will not happily restart and run until fully cooled down. Wash, rinse, repeat. Makes the tool darn near unusable as I can only get 10 minutes of work done at a time.

I'm wondering if the heat isnt building up resistance somewhere and im running into spark problems. I cant think of a reason why carb/gas would cause this kind of problem. But I'm no expert.

Anyone have thoughts on this one?

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Often, there's two possibilities, one, when it starts to sputter, loosen the gas cap to see if tank is being vented, sometimes, magneto coils will fail when hot, then work when cool. If tank venting is not problem, check for spark immediately after it dies,
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Thanks glenm, I'll check those out when I get a chance and post back.

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