Craftsman 32cc 2cycle wont handle a load


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Craftsman 32cc 2cycle wont handle a load

I am building a 2 wheel scooter with an old craftsman 32cc trimmer engine. I had it apart and everything looks real good and I readjusted the needle jets high and low to where it runs good. I then hook my chain to it and even when im not on it it barely wants to go past idle without dying and everything is free and not binding up (the chain or wheel). I used the smallest sprockets possible for the least amount of load on the engine on both the engine and the wheel side of the chain. I cant figure out why it runs great without a load but under load it runs like crap barely keeping afloat. The exhaust is free from depris and well as the carb and both are freshly cleaned and I also have new fuel lines and fresh fuel and oil mix. I know that is should run under my weight because i looked online at a homemade scooter engine website and there are other people running smaller engine and heavier scooter and they apparently runs just fine. Ive been putting hours and hours in everyday trying to figure this thing out and its killing me cause I want to ge this dang this running so I can ride it. Any advice or input would be appreciated as I am currently stumped. Thankz in advance

Michael Kent
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Would be better if you used a much larger sprocket on the wheel side.

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