Mower wont turn to left


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Wink Mower wont turn to left

am 15, and i have a mower with a few problems!
it wont steer to the left, and i cant figure out wat the problem is, i have put new steering gears and bushings in it, and it still wont turn left!
i did notice it would turn both directions while the front end was off the ground, but wont if its on the ground, anyone know wats causing this???
It is an older mower, craftsman 18 hp kohler magnum v-twin, 44" deck
here it is
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It would have been nice to have the model number posted, But check the wheel spindles where the center connector rod connects them together. One of the rod mount arms could have gotten bent upward and is hitting the frame.

With the front of the unit off the ground the axle will drop down on either side where the bent arm would clear the frame.
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sorry, i dont know the model number right now, i will have to check that tmmrw sometime
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My one experience with an old Craftsman not turning but one direction was the bushing at the bottom end of the steering shaft that's got the gear on it. It was wore such that you could turn one direction, but when you turned it the other way, the gear on the end of the steering column would not engage the arc gear that would operate the rod to the front. Even though the unit was 25 yrs old, local Sears had the part and cost, at the time, about $3.00.
The construction of your unit may be different and really need the mower model no to help identify what the problem may be.
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Maybe it's an "Anti-NASCAR" mower? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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Or it may be a True Republican mower!

Could not resist either.

I concur with advice above, but would like model# to advise further if necessary.

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