long term storage of B&S 12.5 hp engine


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long term storage of B&S 12.5 hp engine

hello and thanks for responding. i have a B&S 12.5 ic engine that i would like to put in storage for a spare engine. i hope this will be long term storage! the motor runs fine. let's have a good day.....
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I'm assuming you're wanting tips on how to store. Run engine until warm, empty gas tank and run it dry, drain and replace with fresh oil, remove/dry/reinstall carb bowl. Remove plug, squirt at least a teaspoon of oil in cylinder, turn engine several times to coat cylinder, reinstall plug. Put it in a box or enclose in trash bag to keep critters away.
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couldnt agree more
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Excellent advise above. Only thing I could add is to put a dissicant (moisture absorbant) in the bag before sealing. You know those little bags of pellets inside boxes when you open them up? That will absorb moisture inside the container you place the engine in. I'd use a heavy bag to be as moisture proof as possible.
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The only thing I would add is to turn the enging until you feel resistance of compression after you replace the plug when you put the oil in the cylinder. When you store it you want it to be on the compression stroke to prevent anything from having a chance to enter the cylinder.
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With these add'l good ideas, you could put this engine in your will.

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