craftsman 10/28 sb... throttle lever moves


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craftsman 10/28 sb... throttle lever moves

The throttle lever on the side of my "track" 10/28 craftsman (tecumseh) snowblower moves by it self from vibration (it appears). If it is set at mid range, it will slowly drop down to a lower postion and almost stall. If it is set a little higher, it will "drift" up to the upper levels to a very high rev. There doesn't appear to be any "stops" and no "compression adjustment" to make the lever "stiffer" so that it doesn't move as freely. Is there some way to increase the tension or am I missing setting somewhere? Thanks for any guidance.... darn there is lots of snow up here this year...
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If the control is metal I have taken them off and laid it on the anvil part of my bench vise and tightened the rivet (center pin) with a drift punch.

If it's plastic crap just replace it.
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its metal. I will give the "crush the rivet" method a try. I was hoping that it was a little more eliquent than that. Thanks

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