snowblower stopped moving this morning...


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snowblower stopped moving this morning...

...and too bad since we got jammed - ~40cm-ish

I have the sno-trac 8/25. Was working like a charm, and suddenly stopped moving this morning, though was blowing real good. My first thought was OH NO, snapped the drive belt. Check that - A.O.K. Then I said, uh oh. I propped it up and took off the bottom pan. I tried to look up in the gearing around the friction disc. Looks ok. I noticed a small piece in the bottom of the pan - looked like a short thin hollow shaft with a thumbscrew in the end (Sorry I don't know the right terms). Got looking around, saw a similar one in the side of a gear.

I started to rotate the gear, noticing that it was free moving, not stopped by the fact that it is connected to the shaft. So the gear turned yet the shaft it was on was not turning. I'm assuming there are 2 of those little things, OR, it is one long shaft right through locking it to the gear, and it snapped, so it's no longer attached? Can anyone confirm for me? What this is? what part/number (again ST825ET - Noma). I'm guessing this is the way all snowblower work though.

Perhaps though another reason why it broke? Perhaps my friction disc is too worn, maybe I need a new one? I have found that there's a lot of play in the drive - i.e. - I put the handle down quite softly before it engages.

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I've seen a lot of the Noma / Murray /Sears blowers with a broken shear bolt in the gear that drives the axle. Is this the chain sprocket that is freewheeling on the axle shaft?? If so, look for a hole for a shear bolt... Thanks, Roger
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shear bolt?

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your reply. Shear bolt? I didn't think they'd call it that, i.e.- same as the name for the ones on the auger.

Yes, I think that's exactly what it is. The gear IS freewheeling on the axle. If I remember correctly, there seemed to be 2, 180deg from each other. That's why I wondered if it was actually one shaft right through, the hollow pin goes inside, and the 2 thumbscrews? on each end to secure it.

Or is there actually just one, and the one I found in the bottom pan was from another occasion and I'm just on a chase here?

I have to think that's the issue, I can't possibly see anything else amiss. Hopefully when I call the parts place it will be obvious.

If you have any more info as per the questions above... i.e. - 1 right through, or 2 on each side, or just 1... your help is much appreciated.
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There is just a single bolt going through the gear & the shaft part number 73839MA. It is a 1/4 X 2 1/4 grade 8 bolt & you should use a nylock nut. The bolt has to have a section that has no threads long enough so that no threads are in the gear and after you tighten the nut the bolt must spin freely or the nut will continue to tighten from vibration and break the bolt. Part number 73839MA only has about 3/4" threads on it for this reason.


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