Gas as old as I am


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Unhappy Gas as old as I am


I just Purchased a troy bilt lawn tractor with a 14 horse twin cylinder briggs engine. The gas in the tank had been sitting for who knows how long so I drained it and flushed out the tank. I know for sure that I am getting fresh gas as far as the intake fitting on the carb.

The engine will hit and run if I spray a very small amount of either into the carb but just as soon as the either burns up the engine dies.

I have disassembled carbs before on one cylinder engines and cleaned them, one zenith carb was so bad I had to chisel the old gas off the carb bowl, however I have never tried to do the same on a two cylinder carb. Is there any difference?

The carb smells of old gas and I think the float might be stuck if it even has a float like I said I know nothing about these carbs.

The model number of the tractor is 13065 and the serial number is 130650101543.

I would appreciate any and all advice on how to go about repairing this carb as I would really like to get this mower going by spring.


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Your engine is a B & S # 294777
Parts avail. from local Briggs & Stratton dealer.
If you think it's worth it--I would pop for a new carb.
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The carburetor on this mower is very similar to what you would find on a single cylinder. On the bottom of the carburetor there may be a little solenoid valve that closes off the fuel supply to the main jet when the key is turned off. If it's been sitting a long time with fuel, it's probably gummed up and not opening up and allowing fuel to enter the main jet. That being said the entire carburetor probably needs a good cleaning.

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