Craftsman Chainsaw


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Craftsman Chainsaw

I have a Craftsman Chainsaw that when I try to use it starts to bog down. I really seem to notice it when I turn the blade horizontal to make a cut. I can feather the throttle and keep it running but when it hits the wood it bogs and/or dies. It will re crank right away but does the same thing. Any help is appreciated.
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Does this engine run poorly when you are not cutting?
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It seems to run okay wide open. Once I ge it bogged down I have to feather it and then it is a challenge from there.
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We don't know what saw you have, as you didn't give any saw numbers or sizes. Have you tried to adjust the mixture screws??? If this is an older saw, I think you may just bite the bullet & tear into a carb kit if the fuel & air filter are O.K. & all the fuel/pulse lines are in good shape... I assume you tried a spark plug?? The chain is filed & the rakers are not too low causing the chain to grab & stop?? Let us know, Good Luck, Roger

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