Ethanol & 2 cycle engines

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Ethanol & 2 cycle engines

It looks like we are going to start using 10% ethanol in our gasoline next year. I have heard that it's not good for 2 cycle engines. Is there any thing special I'll need to do?
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I'm interested to hear what folks have to say about this. I've been hearing a lot of negatives about ethanol fuel, but I haven't encountered any problems yet because we don't have ethanol available around here yet. We will soon, however, because a huge ethanol production facility is being built in a nearby city. I wonder what the effects on my business will be.

As I understand, it pollutes less in comparison to regular gas, ounce for ounce...but an ounce of ethanol doesn't get you as far as an ounce of gas, so you wind up burning more ethanol to get the same effect as a lesser amount of gas...which amounts to about the same pollution. Then the manufacture process of the ethanol is said to pollute much worse than if you had just run gas in the first place. Sounds like they're trying to wee-wee in my ear and tell me it's raining. I should study about it and get more informed.
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I have been using 10% blend for sometime (several years) without a problem in my saws, trimmers, snowthrower etc. without a problem. Ethanol blends do require a richer setting to get the power, reduce stumble, etc. out of your fuel. A recent study in Minnesota said that most engines could run with a 20% blend without a problem. The small engine manufacturers have stated in the schools that they have experenced more problems with the blend. I have seen, in the Tecumseh 2 cycles, a higher failure rate since Tecumseh eliminated the steel sleeves. But run this engine on an all mixes oil like Opti II and others they did not have a problem. Otherwise, the engines were run on a 32 to 1 mix instead of the 50 to 1 as stated in the owners manuals did not fail.
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Hey Cheese, This almost sounds like the ""Zero Emission Electric Car""... It has no tail pipe pollution, No noise pollution, Doesen't contribute to Global Warming, etc, But when everyone plugs there "Electric" car in @ 5:30pm, They have to fire up more coal, oil, gas, etc fired generating stations. All they do is divert the pollution, & make Joe Public think he's saving the world... Sorry to rant like this,, Roger
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I know what you mean. I saw a study recently that said the same thing. It also pointed out that our antiquated power grid in this country can't handle the power requirements of these electric cars at a large scale.

What gets me is that in 1972 they built cars that could get 35-40 mpg on old fuel injectors, no computers, no 24 valves and 2 spark plugs per cylinder, no overhead cams, no electronic ignition, and no overdrive transmission. Now, we have all these whiz-bang things that increase the cost of cars, and are presented to us as being "more fuel efficient", but you can't hardly find a gas-burning car that gets 40mpg. They know how to make it, but won't.

Right now, the "green" thing is making money. And since most people can't see past the page in front of them, companies are making things that seem "green" on the surface. People are buyinmg into it like crazy. Like the new compact flourescent light bulbs that spill mercury into the ground when they go to the landfill. They don't mention that when they tout the energy savings and environmental responsibility that they are fulfilling by making and selling these bulbs. Pretending to care about the earth is a great way to make money today.

Although this is closely related to the topic, I've strayed from I apologize for my rant as well, but the conversation compelled me to it.
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On the CFL's since you brought it up. Recycling is the way to go. People sending these to the landfill don't care about green.
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Smile ethanol in gas

I use a fuel stablizer in my gas .Ethanol condesates water make sure your gas cap is on tight. Also i nrun my unit empty or pour extra gas back into gas can.Ethanol sometimes has caused the rubber gakets to swell up in the carg . may be problem in so,me older units. Just have to take extra precautions if you want it to last.

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2 Cycle and Ethanol

I use Ryobi equipment - i recently heard that Ryobi will no longer honor warrantly claims if E85 fuel is used in the equipment.... is that true ? A home depot sales associated suggested some premixed product called 50fuel - it is suppose to have no ethanol. I looked on their website which had decent info.... has anyone used this product ?
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greenthumb....wouldn't doubt it, but E85 is 85% ethanol, not 10%. Its a little cheaper from what I understand, but E85 is for the flex or dual fuel vehicles which are designed for it. Not yer avg lawnmower or weedwacker.

Just use regular gas in yer equipment.

I saw something in another thread about the 50fuel, or whatever its called.....think it was like $8-9 a gallon? ( But don't hold me to that.) Ouch

Ahh just went to the site, $24 for 6-32oz cans, double ouch!!

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