New Toro push mower will not start


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New Toro push mower will not start

I just bought a 22" self-propelled Toro last year and have used it just one season. I had no issues with it last year.

I just tried starting it for first time this season and it will not start. I primed it 3-5 times (like normal) and the pull starter is working fine. It simply won't turn over.

First thing I checked was the spark plug and air filter. Air filter looked horrible and honestly the spark plug looked alright but I went ahead and replaced both just to be safe. It still won't start.

One thing that has to be mentioned, is that gas seems to be squeezing out from the seam of the black plastic bowl that is on the rear of the mower. As I pull the cord each time quite a bit of gas just seeps out of this black plastic part until it's literally dripping onto the mower deck. This can't be normal right? At first I thought, well maybe I flooded it, but after letting it sit for a half-hour it's still doing the same thing.

The mower has been stored indoors all winter. Also, there was small amount of gas left in the mower, but really I think a negligible amount. I've filled the mower with fresh gasoline now and the oil levels are in the proper range.

Does anyone have any ideas? Hope this was enough information..I know it can be tough to help without seeing the problem

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Check w/ dealer--you should have 2 year warranty & 3 year start warranty------------

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