blue smoke


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blue smoke

my 15.5 brigg-stratton engine on my mower will start then bog down with blue smoke out of the exhaust and die. It will restart but do the same. It did have old gas in it but i have drained it and put in new. could it be a fuel filter or is it worse? I have since gone back and noticed oil pooling up under the air filter...

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Blue smoke indicates oil is being burnt. Clean out the air cleaner housing. Check to see if the oil has been overfilled. Has the mower been tipped on its side, that might have caused oil to spill out into the air filter. If the head gasket is blown you get the same problem (blue smoke).
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thanks for the info...i just went and removed the air filter and cleaned all the oil that was under the air filter, i started the mower and after it burned the oil off of the exhaust it ran clean for about 5 minutes. then it all of the sudden shot a bunch of oil all out over where the air filter would be.... are we talking major repair? it is old and I'm not sure it is worth it. thanks for your help
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Pull the dipstick and smell the oil. Does it smell like gas? If so, you'll need to fix the carburetor leak and then drain the oil and refill with new.

If it does not smell like gas, then I'd suspect the head gasket is blown. A few bucks for the gasket and a little time should get it back in shape.

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