John Deere 425 won't statrt, backfires


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John Deere 425 won't start, backfires

Have a 1998 John Deere 425 Tractor, Kawasaki Gas Engine. 900 hours. Turns over, won't start, but backfires as it is trying to start. Plugs are new. It's getting gas and has spark at the plugs.
Also, backfires one more time just after turning the key off.

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I'm aware of this model unit but i've never worked on one to have good knowledge to advise you well...but, a backfire generally indicates an ignition issue. Most Kawi's have a two stage ignition system utilizing an armature and a trigger and the triggers are noted for failing and giving you the symptoms you are experiencing. But I don't know if your particular engine has one such. Stay tuned here for better help from someone with good knowledge on this unit but you may want to consult with your local Deere dealer for any hints or known issues with these models.
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Nearly EVERY time I get a kawasaki with these symptoms, it is either the spark plug or the igniter. Change the plug, even if it looks good and sparks good. If you still have this problem, check to be sure the valves are operating correctly, and if so, change the igniter. There is no way to test the igniter without specialized equipment or another engine to put it on and test it. If you replace the igniter, get one from Kawasaki, not deere. The deere ones are not original kawasaki equipment and are prone to premature failure. I've seen them go bad in weeks.

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