Mantis 4 cycle


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Mantis 4 cycle

Anybody have any experiance with a Mantis cultivator. My wife wants one for the garden. She wants the 4 cycle honda engine model.
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I haven't used the one with the 4-stroke, but I have used the mantis. I will admit that I thought it was going to be a joke...that little thing can't do much, right? Wrong. I was impressed! The mantis is a tough little son of a gun and works beyond my expectations. I don't mean to sound like a commercial...just telling it like I see it.
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I, too, own one with a 2-stroke engine (Kioritz) model and it is awesome. You can't break hard ground with it but with established gardens nothing else compares.
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I have the 2 cycle and it has been great. I use it to aerate, dethatch, and till the garden. Just used it yesterday to prep a new flower bed! It's an older model and still starts easily and runs like a champ.

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