Flywheel Key


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Flywheel Key

Have a Sears Lawnmower with Tecumseh engine. Made terrible clanking noise & would not start. Diagnosed as sheared flywheel key. Pulled flywheel & sure enough, the key was in 2 pieces. Found a replacement (Part #611004 see link below) at local hardware, reassembled and OK for one cut. New key sheared, and now I am not certain how it fits into crankshaft due to tapering. Does it taper down crankshaft or up crankshaft? In other words, in link below, is left side at top?

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widest part key at widest part of crankshaft (down). If key sheared you may not have tightened enough, post engine numbers and we can give you proper torque, should be in the 35 ft lb range,
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Flywheel key

Thanks SEGuy: Guy at hardware store told me back asswards when he gave me first replacement- therefore, flywheel did not fit properly on crankshaft, and starter cup spun freely. To make matters worse, I messed up threads on crankshaft trying to tighten nut enough to make cup sit flush with top of flywheel. Had to add another washer to do this. Then key sheared. Got another one today, and did not want to make same mistake.

The only logical way for key to fit was, as you advised, to have the wider part on bottom due to the taper of shaft. I already put back together before I got your response, and all appears well. I have a rubber strap "wrench" to hold flywheel while tightening nut, in lieu of torque wrench.

Thanks much for your input!!!!

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