huskee lawn mower stops pulling


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Exclamation huskee lawn mower stops pulling

i have a 1999 huskee lawn tractor, belt driven, this season i started it up and when i tried to back it out of the shed it wouldn't move.some smoke was coming from the belts, i figured they were old and worn out, so i replaced them with OEM belts. it backed out slowly but stopped pulling again shortly, i don't know what else to try. what can i do?
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By you saying that smoke was coming from where the belt goes,and also the fact that you did get it to move once you changed the belts Indicates to me that the transmission pulley has stoped turning.With rear of tractor up in the air and with somebody their to help,look under the tractor to might also be that the belt is rubbing agaisnt one of the the belt guides somewhere.or an idler pulley not turning causing the belt to stop.does it stll smoke??can you smell ruber burning??
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i eased it back into the shed so as not to burn up the new belts. how would i adjust the idler pulley? i noticed when i changed the belts that i could move it and it would stay where i moved it. it should have moved back correct? to keep tension on the belt. when it does this it will not let me shift gears either. so something is binding up.
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The idler should have a spring attatched to the arm it is on to keep it tight against the belt. Check the varidrive pulley, it could be locking up (assuming yours is not hydro).

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