Snowblower fuel?


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Snowblower fuel?

I started my blower and ran it for 30 minutes to get everything through the system before storing it until next winter. I put a little sta-bil in the tank and I have a two gallon can full of gas and oil mixture left. Can I add sta-bil to that and use it next winter or should I dump it and the tank? It says to use fresh fuel in the blower for easier starting. To dump or not to dump is my question. Newbie58.

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I've seen people use years-old gas with no trouble. Mine wouldn't start this year with last spring's gas in it.
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Use it in your cars gas tank, or in the lawnmower. It won't hurt. Top off the fuel level in the gas tank on the snowblower and seal the cap well before storing it, or the best thing would be to dump the tank, remove the carb bowl and drain it and the gas in it, spray the float and interior of the carb with wd40, and reassemble. This should keep it in fine shape until next winter and you won't have to save 2 gallons of gas to use a year from now.

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