MTD lawn tractor wont turn over


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MTD lawn tractor wont turn over

I have a 16.5 B&S MTD lawn tractor and when trying to start it wont turn over. Starter and solenoid have been replaced and still same problem. Even hooked upto batterie charger no luck, sometimes will get a half of turn in but then stops and clicks or hums. I removed the spark plug and it turns over when jumped but not very strong. I have read serval poeple menting valve adjustment in other articals.

this all started when I put the cutting desk on

any help would be great !!
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Take the deck belt back off the engine pulley, If it starts ok check the deck spindles and any idler pulleys for binding.

Also make sure the front belt guides near the engine pulley are in the proper place and not bent too far away.

Unit model number would be helpful if nothing is found with the above.
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Hi sorry I forgot to metion I have taken the deck back off untill I figure out the problem. I can turn the motor over by hand with no problems.
The MTD model number is
13AN682G129 serial number 1A203B70148.

engine B&S 16.5

I will adjust the valves if I get time today and see if that helps.

thanks for the reply
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So if I take the plug out it will turn over only with a battery charger hooked up or starter solenoid bypassed. If I leave the plug in it will get a partial turn or just buzz form the starter solenoid(with or with out charger). If I take the battery charger and hook it up directly to the starter it turns over good if spark plug removed(started does nothing or freezes with plug in). I checked the ground and it it tight and clean. I just don't get was is going on. If it were a week battery I would think the battery charger would makeup for it.

I adjusted the valves
new starter
new starter soleniod
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I had the same problem with a 12 hp.. ohv. The valve adjustment is very critical. If you adjust them wrong the motor will not turn over. Also you need a good charged battery to turn over a engine with proper compression. If the battery is good it will only take a few minutes to charge it enough to start a engine.
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sun of a gun ! I hooked jumpercables to the battery from my car and it turned over faster than I haver ever seen. All I went through for a battery that is no good

I would of thought 50amp jump would of ruled out the battery !

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