Engine bumps but won't turn-over


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Engine bumps but won't turn-over

Hey folks,

This is a 22hp Intek V-Twin on a Cub-Cadet ZTR rider. Getting ready for the new mowing season and thought I had a bad/weak battery. Put the charger on it. Tried to start but same indications/circumstances. Starter will bump the engine but not turn it over.

Replaced the battery. Although it engine turned over a bit on one attempt and the bump is a bit stronger. It's the same circumstances. Starter will not turn the engine over.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Very well could be a valve issue. Valves out of adjustment can cause too much compression and will make starting impossible. You need to look at the engine manual if you are not familiar with adjusting valves on this engine. There are some peculiar ways to do this. Pull the valve cover and look for valve push rod bent or not in seat. There have been problems with some of the Briggs in this area.

Service Bulletin 729 came out in 2005 for procedure to adjust valves on Intek V-Twin 400000-Series and 440000-Series Engines.
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Thank you for your response Airman. I had hoped it would be something less complicated. Never even thought that valve adjustment could cause that.

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A valve adjustment can reduce this problem in some cases, but unless this has been a growing problem over time, I don't think that's the issue here.

Take the spark plugs out and see if you can turn the engine by hand. I say by hand, because it may shoot gas out the plug holes and you don't want it spraying out too hard, or igniting when the plug wire arcs. If gas comes out, then you have a carburetor problem that needs to be addressed (filling the cylinder with gas and hydro-locking the engine). If this is not the case, I would suspect there is a mouse nest or something under the engine shroud jamming it. I found a snake jammed between the starter gear and flywheel on a mower this spring causing the same problem you're having.

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