Poulan 3416 won't stay running


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Poulan 3416 won't stay running

I bought this chainsaw (Poulan 3416) brand new not too long ago. It ran good at first but slowly seemed to have a problem idling. Now it has a real problem idling and stay running.

I did discover that the last tank of gas I ran through it was a little rich. I had mixed it 32:1 instead of the 40:1 recommended by the manufacturer. I wouldn't think one tank would be a big problem, but maybe it is?

Anyway, if I take the breather element out and run the saw without an air filter (not cutting or using, just for starting/testing purposes), it will run fine and idle. So this leads me to think it has something to do with the air mixture on the carb. The problem with that is it looks like it takes a special tool to adjust these needle screws. It does appear to be fouling the plug awfully quick.

So I have two questions:
1. Would running a properly mixed tank of gas through this saw burn out any residual from the mistake mixture?

2. Is there a special tool that I can get for those needle screws? If so where would I get it? If I don't need one, can you explain how to adjust these screws. (Sorry, this looks like it turned out to be a multi-part question. )

Any help is appreciated. I'm to the point at the moment I'm ready to take the sledge hammer to it and get a new saw.

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If the saw is new I would suggest taking it back for warranty work, if you start messing with it your warranty will be void.
1. A tank of 32:1 isn't going to hurt anything the 40:1 is more for EPA purposes.

2. If the screws have the splines on them, yes it takes a special tool and is only sold to dealers. However, refer to the picture in the link below for a "rig", mark the screws with something so you have a reference point to know how much you have adjusted them. Insert a flatblade screwdriver onto the connector an force it onto the screw and turn counter clockwise 1/8-1/4 turns. Have a good one. Geo
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Thanks Geo!

I agree if it were under warranty it would be better to go that route. I would have included that in the original post, but when I made the post I honestly couldn't tell you how long I have owned it. I got the paperwork out and looked at the box it came in and it was Oct 2006 that I got it, and it only had a 1 year limited warranty. So I guess it's up to me at this point. Or pay a dealer/service center to have a looksee on it. Oh well, I like tinkering, I can hold off on the sledge hammer for a while. I do have another chainsaw I can use in the meantime.

Thanks for your input and suggestion on this.

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