Honda EX 1000 generator pull string broke


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Honda EX 1000 generator pull string broke


today i was using my friend's generator, but it never started. the first two pulls it seemed to do nothing. the engine didn't even try to start. on the third attempt, the string broke.

is this an easy repair if it's just the rope? i am afraid it might be more, since the engine wasn't trying to start. the on switch was engaged too.

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there one thing I do know one thing with most generators most honda's do have low oil shut down switch when the engine lube oil get too low it will actally grounded out the ingtion circuit to prevent running.

that one thing you and other readers of course should make a habit to check the lube oil on any small engine it dont matter what brandname it is.

check the LUBE oil all the time before you start up i know any generator manufacter do have low oil shut off [ i know honda for sure and few preum other engine brands do have that feature as well ]

once the oil level look ok then you have other issuse with the unit.

to replace the rope however i dont have the diagram for EX1000 unit right now [ there will be other peoples will chime in on this one ] and most of the time there willbe at least 3~5 bolts hold the flywheel cover take that off and you will see a slot where the end of rope is but however a head up that disc that hold the rope that is spring loaded so watch out other wise it can fly on ya.

for the rest of instruction i will leave the rest to small engine pro's due i am used much larger generators. [ some of the engine are bigger than pick up truck size ]

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The rope, generally, is simple to replace. As French indicated there should be anywhere from 3-5 screws holding it (rewind starter assembly) onto the blower shroud. On your work bench you will need to prepare with six feet of #5 (or so) rope, a needle nose pliers and a diagonal cutter pliers. Prepare your new rope by cauterizing each end of the rope with a lighter and a swipe of a shop towel and then make a single overhand knot in one end of the rope with a tail about a 1/4" long. Fish out whatever rope is left in the spool (pulley) and then pre-load the pulley counterclockwise and far as it will go. Back the pulley off just enough for the hole in the pulley and the hole in the starter housing to align (which will be less than one turn back). While holding the pulley and housing from spinning, insert the new rope from the pulley out through the housing and install the pull grip. Done. One step at a the starter then determine why the engine won't start but by all means check the oil level. Has the engine been running lately? If not when was the last time it was?

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