Is my weed-wacker dead?


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I have a 2-year old weed-wacker that's been working fine until: an inlaw borrowed it and put pure gasoline in it to the brim, instead of the 40:1 mixture I keep in a storage tank. I was told he never got it to start.

Is it fixable? Love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks, Majac777
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If it was never run, it should be all right. If it ran before and now will not start, did he not run it or is there a separate problem? Check compression, it should be 100 PSI or greater, although many of the cheaper brands run fine at 90 PSI. The compression test will tell you if you have cylinder damage. Remove the muffler and look through the exhaust port at the cylinder walls and side of the piston. There should be no scarring.

Good luck
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At 2 yrs old it probably needs new fuel lines. Have a good one. Geo
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Di you put in a new spark plug.
Did you spray starting fluid into spark plug hole.
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Sure he didn't run it. And I'm with the government and I'm here to help you! Seriously, why would he have put fuel in it if he didn't run the engine? I'm sure you didn't send it to him with an empty tank of fuel. Start by removing the spark plug and look in at the cylinder for any obvious trouble. If questionable or discernable then remove the muffler and have a look at such through the exhaust port, this will give you a good look. Family or not, never lend out your 2-stroke equipment...unless they're willing to pay you back with a commercial quality unit.
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Thanks for all your replies

Well, my trimmer was a $79 special. So I sold it for $20 to a guy at a mower repairshop, and I bought a new ECHO brand; but it was not cheap. It was $287 plus $99 for the edger attachment. I think I over did it this time with the $$$.

Thanks again,

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