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i have a 9 hp b&s that only runs with choke on full. also need to know how to adjust governor
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Sounds like you need to clean the carb, Take the carb. off then tear it down, Spray carb. & choke cleaner with the straw through ALL ports, passages and jets then blow it out with compressed air if available then re-assemble, Clean the fuel tank and flush/replace the fuel hose and install a new fuel filter if equipped.

Here is the governor adjustment procedure;

1. Loosen screw holding governor arm to governor crank.

2. Rotate throttle plate linkage from idle position to full throttle position. Note direction of rotation of the governor arm attached to the throttle linkage.

3. Place and hold the linkage in high speed position.

4. While holding the linkage in this position, Use a appropriate tool to rotate the governor shaft until it stops in the direction noted in step 2.

5. tighten screw holding governor lever to governor crank. Torque to 35-45 in. lbs. (2.8-5.0 NM).

6. Before starting engine, Manually actuate governor linkage to check for binding.

Good Luck

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