B&S #494409 Seat - Check Valve ?


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B&S #494409 Seat - Check Valve ?

Such an incredibly helpful site / forum !!!
TYIA !!!

Briggs & Stratton
Model 95902
Type 3107 01
Code 93061551

Lawn Mower wouldn't start, after having been left outdoors in the weather for the winter.

Replaced yellowish "skunky" fuel with fresh, clear gasoline.

Verified spark.
Got compression.
Purge squirting in liquid.
Couldn't get it to start.
Only one or 2 "pops".

Started fiddling with small shiny "BB" items on the carburetor.
Big mistake, I think.
I pushed 2 that were externally visible in.
Neither sprang back.
Dumb move?
Some way to get them to reset?
(I didn't spot any access)

Continuing with stupidity, I discovered a third similar looking "BB" hidden at the seat area of the rubber purge button.

Pushed that sucker in, too.
(In for a penny, in for a pound, in this case)

The "Purge" doesn't operate, anymore.
Hmmm, wonder why.

Whaz' up, with dem' ?
These all #494409 Seat - Check Valves?
Typically shown as item 913 in the B&S .pdfs ?

Again, thanks for your time and consideration.

Worst case, I'd just like to save others from my particular embarrasing stupidity.
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The best thing you can do at this point is go to your local Briggs dealer and purchase part #494775 carb complete @ $26.50, Don't touch anything but the screws holding the carb to the tank and the screws holding the tank to the engine......
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Thanks for the quick reply.

I was figuring that was how it was going to turn out.
$18.85 & $7.27 for S&H = $26.12
Guess you know this routine, by heart?

I'm still curious what those widgets (BBs) are, what they're supposed to do, why they didn't spring back, how the heck they could be serviced, ....
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No Problem

The "BB's" are used to seal passages through-out the carb from the manufacturing process, They are installed at the factory with intentions of never being removed. These carbs a basically non serviceable other than cleaning what passages that can be accessed.

In a job shop it's cheaper to replace them since their so cheap than to monkey around trying to clean.

Any one of them you pushed in could now be blocking another passage way behind it and cause a no run situation, That's why it's best to replace at this point.

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