Honda Push Mower Moter Throttle Question


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Honda Push Mower Moter Throttle Question

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Tried to start my old faithful Honda push mower today and couldn't get it to start even on choke. I finally had to hold open the choke by hand behind the carb cover. Now it starts...

The problem is that I can't get it to idle without it going on a rev up/down cycle that is constant and lasts for about 1 second each. It's hard to explain in words, but it's Rev (1 sec), Slow(1 sec), Rev(1 sec), Slow (1 sec) etc.

I can see the governor linkage moving constantly in unison with the rev cycles. So... what's causing the governor to keep it in a constant state of flux?

Air? Spark? Gas? Governor Spring?

I do notice that the governor spring seems pretty loose without much tension. If I hold the governor linkage open, it runs fine at a high RPM, but if I let go of the linkage it goes back into the fast/slow revs.

Could someone help. Grass continues to grow and the "Mower Won't Run" excuse won't give me a pass with my wife much longer. Thanks
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Well, I'm slowly diagnosing the problem but not sure of the fix. If I leave the throttle lever all the way up to choke (past "fast") the mower runs normally and doesn't seem to be on choke.

Also, it won't start with the setting on choke but instead I have to engage the choke on the carb by hand.

Thus, my conclusion is that my throttle cable has slipped somehow and isn't pulling the choke when I have it in the choke position.

Does this sound right? If so, the reving up/down is happening is happening in the "fast" position, which in reality is probably "slow". What is causing the rev issue?

Regardless, for today I think I can just run it in the choke position which appears to actually be "fast" (not choke). But, what do I need to fix for next time?
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The carburetor needs to be cleaned and serviced. Your engine is starving for fuel.

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