Burning old gasoline safely?


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Burning old gasoline safely?

I have about a quart or so of old gasoline drained from mowers and from last year's chainsaw gas that I'd like to burn safely. I also have a healthy respect for the explosive nature of gasoline vapors and was wondering if there was some way to mix it with something to retard the vapors and make it somewhat safer to dispose of by burning in a large can -- I thought of mixing dish detergent with it to accomplish that but came to find out on googling the subject that produces some type of napalm-like concoction. Still would that work Ok! ? We don't have any recycling centers in the area that take in old gasoline and by just keeping it in a can it's just an accident waiting to happen AFAIC.
Thanks for your help
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Mix it with fresh gas and burn it in your mower. You can even burn it in your car. 1 quart isn't going to hurt anything if it's mixed with a full tank.
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I agree that as long as it is clean your car will not notice it.
I put leftover mixed gas from the boat, one gallon at a time in my vehicle with no negative effect.

Just so you know, what makes gasoline so explosive is the butane and similar volatile fuels that are in gas.
The butane evaporates from the gas and creates an explosive atmosphere above the gas.
This is what those vapors are you see on a hot day while you are filling your tank.

If the gas is poured out of its container and left for a day or so it looses most of its explosive effect.
You still need to be careful though.

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